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I've been doing a lot of artwork with The Iron Maidens as the subject lately, and here are a few of the works...

Note that most of the images displayed are thumbnails for larger versions of the image (click picture to see larger image).

The first images are images I modified in Photoshop, incorporating various Maidens into the pieces. This helped hone my skills for later works.

The image above is the first image I ever posted on the old Iron Maidens forums, and is what I figured Melanie Sisneros might look like as an Elfquest character. Melanie is probably the main reason for my current interest in doing art, and I am glad she inspired me to try this! And I also very much appreciate the enthusiasm that the other Maidens (and forum peeps) have shown for my projects, which helps keep me excited about doing these!!!

The image below actually involved a fair amount of work, as I only had a very small thumbnail image to work from. I pretty much repainted the entire image, using the original pixelated image as a guide, and borrowed an Eddie -as well as Linda and Clive's photos - to place in the mirror.

I used the image below for a shirt I made for the Maidens (not sure who ended up with the shirt). I found a suitable photo of the Spitfire, and made the background for the image. I then added the gal's faces, as well as the logo and tail art, to the Spitfire.

The next three pics started as sketch art done by Melanie Sisneros, which I gleefully colored and added detail to.

The next piece is my first truly 'original' piece of artwork.

I incorporated two of my pics (along with another piece of Maidens artwork done by another artist) into the piece below.

The next pictures are my attempts to do portraits of the various Maidens.

And the last few images here are part of my "Undead Brides" collection, which started on a whim...

Note that several of these images are still works in progress...